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Much of my recent work is concerned with expert decision making, both in terms of evaluating decision making (of judges and doctors) and trying to better understand how to design organizations and contracts that better manage and employ experts. A fundamental problem is that the evaluation of experts is subjective, and hence short run market exchange is not always efficient. In "Reputation and School Choice" (with Miguel Urquiola) we show that a free market for reputation is not always efficient, and then provide some empirical evidence of these effects in "The Big Sort" (with Evan Riehl, Juan Saavedrea and Miguel Urquiola). Currently I am working on choices make by  admissions committees, conflict in organizations,  the role of inequality on deterrence and police behavior, and physician decision making.


This is a graduate economics book that  is appropriate for a graduate economics course after a graduate course in price theory and general equilibrium theory. A unique feature of the book is a discussion of the relevance of the theories reviewed for empirical research.

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